DCC demonstration systems

Remix Engine

Remix Engine prototype is a simple Web-based video customization and compilation application that lets the user combine his or her own media with pre-made templates. The application allows the user to upload video, images and sound files to the server and to lay them out on a timeline among the media provided by the template. Remix Engine was developed as a student project at HUT.
Remix Engine with an empty template: http://catan.hiit.fi/RemixEngine/


Comeks is a Symbian application that allows the users to create comic strips and short stories using camera phone images, and send them via MMS. Comeks is a result of a student project based on an idea from DCC. Comeks is implemented for Nokia S60 phones, and the student team behind the implementation is taking the prototype further in their company Bulbon. An open source version of the prototype will be released in Fall 2005. See the Comeks poster for more details.

MobShare / PhotosToFriends / Kuvaboxi

MobShare was a mobile picture sharing, archiving, and managing application for groups of people such as friends, family, collegues etc. The system was co-developed with Futurice who has launched their Photos To Friends service in 2005 which was based on MobShare. In 2006, Futurice released the full blown commercial version of MobShare/PhotosToFriends under the name Kuvaboxi. Currently it is one of the biggest Finnish photo sharing services.

 Therefore, it can be said that MobShare has been successful both in research (e.g., ACM Multimedia 2004, MobileHCI 2005) and as a commercial prototype. Have also a look at the MobShare poster.

MobShare combined the best of mobile photo blogging and personal image management by enabling immediate sharing of photos, sharing of photos in an organized manner, controlled and targeted sharing, as well as discussing, combining, and comparing own and shared photos. MobShare generates picture metadata by leveraging contextual information and user behavior. 


MUPE (Multi-User Publishing Environment) is an open source (published under
NOKOS license) mobile game and application development environment. MUPE is
developed considering multi-user needs and it has inbuilt support for context
feeds. MUPE architecture contains multi-application client, middleware for
managing mobile network contexts and server template. See more at www.mupe.net and www.mupedev.org

MUPELand Yard

Built on top of the MUPE platform MUPELand Yard is a mobile augmented reality (MAR) game based on the popular Scotland Yard board game. In addition to being a MAR game, MUPELand Yard provides developers with re-usable MUPE components such as Physical Object Tagger that leverages the phone's camera in reading bar code like images. Another re-usable component is Public Display that projects MUPE game events to a display for non-gamers to follow. The third component that can be re-used is the MAP component that let's you integrate maps into the MUPE game or application. MUPELand Yard and the components are currently under development and will be launched as open source in the Summer 2005.

Prediction League

Prediction League is a web based community prediction system with a mobile phone extension. PreLe lets you create your own leagues, predict on them and discuss the results with your friends. The target uses for PreLe range from sports betting, to office pools and your neighborhood hamster races - versatility and configurability combined with ease of use are the main objectives. PreLe is currently under development and will be launched as open source in the Summer 2005.

DiMaS is a publishing system for multimedia content in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. The system enables the publisher of multimedia (e.g., a short movie) to write content descriptions, to provide a preview file, and to choose a licensing and pricing model. The content and the associated preview and metadata are wrapped into a Distribution Package which can be distributed on any P2P file sharing networks. The package is a JAR file that can be executed with any J2SE Runtime Environment. Tha package includes the content, aforementioned metadata as well as UI, purchasing, and decrypting mechanisms for previewing, buying, and watching the content. The DiMaS system is done in co-operation with the Digital Economy research group at HIIT. DiMaS has won the title The Best e-Business Application in Finland, and the nomination to represent Finland in World Summit Award 2005.

Creative Commons Finland

HIIT is Creative Common's iCommons partner. The aim of International Commons is to adapt the Creative Commons licenses for use across different legal "operating systems". This will involve both the literal and legal translation of the licenses by teams of volunteers in various jurisdictionsaround the world. Official Finnish licenses were published May 2004.See more info at Creative Commons Finland web page.